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Angel Aylsworth United States

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About me

i like the sport baseball and i like this kid named Brayden he goes to my school he is really nice though.


We live in a trailer and we live our life just like any other family would.


i like rock, pop, and a little bit of country like: boom boom pow, baby, any man of mine, etc.

Movies and TV:

i like animal movies, cartoony movies, realistic movies, and funny movies.


some of the sports i like are baseball, football, and basketball.


i am not really a fan of art but i sometimes like to draw when i am bored.


Well, i really like animals and when i grow up i am gonna be a vetranarian some day to where i can see all the pets that people always bring in so that the animals can get taken care of and that is how much i really truely love any kind of animal.


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